"When you recite a mantra,

you make yourself positive,

pure and your vibration is

very penetrating"                              YogiBhajan


28th Sept 2020 with Jose Melo, Musician

Music as Medicine – Chakra Healing Soundscapes Experience

Mon 28th Sept 10-5pm 45 euros including lunch, take home personal blend of essential oils and musical recordings of chakra chords and handout.

Jose gives an overview of health or disease being a dissonance of vibrational musical harmony within the body, mind, spirit whole and how the sound vibration of the different chords in any octave can have a strong effect on the different chakra energy centers of the body. He uses sound journeys for each chakra to illustrate the effects of specific sounds and melodies in harmonizing the whole being, while taking you through the deeper realms of the physics of sound, frequencies and vibration.

The second part of the day José will focus on the magic of Essential Oils. What do they add to the world of healing and how to use them? The students will be invited to make their own medicinal blend to address specific issues. We will also go through other uses of sound for medicinal purposes while continuing with the sound journeys through the remaining chakras. We will engage in other practical exercises as we go through the class.

José will provide you a new tool to work towards your wellbeing in a pleasant and satisfying way. By understanding better the fantastic nature and poetic beauty of sound, you will look at sound in a different way. By experiencing its effects and eloquent mechanics you will find the divinity of every sound around you.

JOSE has been involved in music since his first successful punk rock band as a teenager in Sintra, Portugal, which had a strong following for many years and made a number of recordings. He quickly moved into working with the uplifting, feel-good beat of ambient electronic music which he composed and produced as a professional musician for several record labels and performed as an internationally acclaimed musical artist DJ for over a decade.

Performing to a live crowd gave him the knowledge of how music influences emotions, the sense of well being and connection to the whole.

His musical expression is continually evolving as he is continuously looking for new ways of communicating through music to now embrace the deep healing resonance phenomena of medicine songs and the healing frequencies of plant spirit vibrational medicine, especially to the essential oils and the aromatic herbs whose high frequency vibration has a commonality to harmonious musical resonance.

His warm, easy going and caring approach allows people working with him to relax into their own healing through close encounters with teacher plants and allies.

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