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The Herbal Path Course For Experiential Learning of Healing Herbs

Sat 26th March - Sun 3rd of April 2016


Guest Herbalists

Maureen Robertson


Essential oils have played an important part of Maureen"s Herbal practice right from the beginning when she first trained as an aromatherapist while studying to be a herbalist. It is a dream come true to be involved in distilling her own essential oils and hydrosols.


With 25 years of working with plants, Maureen can help you to explore a variety of different approaches to truly get to know a wide range of plants at a deep level. This attuning to plant consciousness will leave you with plant communication skills you never knew you had. Prepare to meet another part of you and prepare to meet with a whole world of new plant allies as friends for life.



Rocio Alarcon


The inspiring shamanic herbalist Rocio Alarcon from Ecuador will immerse us into indigenous human plant consciousness as she shares traditional ceremony to honour and celebrate our place in Nature alongside the plants. Rocio reminds us that spending time connecting with the natural energies which surround us all the time is one of the most important practices we can be undertaking. Learn simple yet effective techniques that really help you get in touch with Nature and yourself with one of the foremost International Shamanic Herbal Practitioners. A not to be missed all round consciousness expanding experience.


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Video: Interview with Rocio Alarcon by Rosemary Gladstar

Fernanda Botelho



Plant Enthusiast and Botanist Fernanda Bothelo will join with us again to share her considerable knowledge about local plants and their traditional & modern uses. Fernanda is a walking plant encylopaedia, a national treasure! A not to be missed fun and informative day spent making preparations from the plants we learn about.

For 17 years, Fernanda lived, studied and worked in London in the area of medicinal plants and Montessori and Waldorf Education. Back in her native Portugal since 1998, she has participated in many projects of environmental education from schools to associations. She completed training in being a  Botanical Garden Guide at the Science Faculty in Lisbon. She is a member of Colher para Semear, the Portuguese Society of Botany, the Herb Society and collaborates in the French site "Herbalistes sans Frontieres" and in "Portal do Jardim".

She writes regularly for the magazine Jardins and for As Plantas e a Daude: Guia Practico de Remedios Caseiros, and has published various children's books, such as Salada de Flores, Sementes a Solta e Hortas Aromaticas, all recommended by the National Plan of Reading (Plano Nacional de Leitura).


Christine Herbert



Herbalist Christine Herbert has over 18 years of clinical experience drawing on skills from Allergy testing, Ayurveda, Western and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Broaden your horizons with these different approaches and techniques which can inform and enhance your natural healing.

She grows and makes her own herbal preparations on her organic smallholding and has a particular interest in using both herbs and foods in her practice.

In recent years, after studying with herbalists Chanchal Cabrera and Chris Etheridge, she has been helping many people with cancer to find a path through the minefield of supplements and herbs mostly used alongside conventional medicine. She volunteers at a centre for people with cancer in Norfolk which has given her lots of experience for which she is very grateful.



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