Programme for The Herbal Path Week

Weds 8th to Tues 14th Sept 2021 10-1pm & 2-5pm
Melilotus Herb Farm, near Lagos

*Can be taken as individual days @45 euros or mornings/afternoons @30 euros**

Weds 8th Sept Garden Time & Open Day with Maureen

Morning in the Garden meeting our cultivated plants with a guided Herb Walk and making beautiful preparations from our gatherings and tasting different herbal teas fresh from the garden.

Afternoon sharing out philosophy and approach to meetings with remarkable plants -the Goethean Contemplative Method using different plants to illustrate. .


Thurs 9th Sept Morning Evening Primrose Study with Maureen

Afternoon Herb Tasting and Pharmacy – Making practical herbal preparations.

Fri 10th Sept Morning Observing the Influence of the 5 Elements on Plants and Introduction to Planetary Rulership with Maureen.

Afternoon Burdock Plant Study.


Sat 11th Sept  MUSIC AS MEDICINE with Jose

Focusing specifically on the high vibration frequencies of the aromatic essential oil containing herbs, we will translate these healing frequencies into musical resonance using our voices, different instruments with Nature sounds as our backdrop and base.

Sun 12th Sept Free day to work with your plant and integration.

Mon 13th Sept Herbal Therapeutics looking at Air Constitutional Types, the conditions they have a tendency towards and herbs that can balance with Maureen

Tues 14th Sept Introduction to Medical Astrology and Planetary Rulership of the body with Maureen

*Lunch available at 10 euros/day or bring your own*

**Accommodation in shared cabin available @ 35 euros/night**