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Next in person & zoom Plant study will be a pop up one over the summer to be announced.

All our plant studies can be joined by live zoom class as well as in person.

Cost is €35 in person and €30 zoom participation (includes recording)

Nature's Holy Open Secret with Maureen Robertson in collaboration with the Organisation of Nature Evolutionaries. FREE RECORDING AVAILABLE:

MELILOTUS MUSIC is happy to announce the release of two albums of Soundscapes.

This is a new project and comes as a result of a six years research and adventure into the realms of vibrational healing music.


"...Music has been my life for more than 30 years and it is a honor to come to this day and be able to share my experience on its healing aspects. This is what these two albums represent: a journey through our whole deeper being to bring harmony, clarity and awareness to veiled aspects of ourselves..."


Immerse yourself in these sonic experiences and come out the other side a new you.

These compositions can be used at home, in meditations, sound journeys or music therapies.

Chek it out at:

(Buy & Listen)

(Listen & Follow)

The Healing Essence of Music Individual Sessions - Understanding and experiencing the role of music on our well being with Jose Melo

 includes original composition Soundscapes & Exercises by Jose to demonstrate the power of Music! More info


Maureen and Jose are offering individual sessions where you can pick our brains about how we created our off grid, eco-constructed paradise at Melilotus Herb Farm and more!

Also Herbs & Garden Tours available for groups or 1:1, Individual Herbal Tutorial days and

Individual Healing Soundscapes days.

Contact us to book your session.




Details here

Maureen has been running Herbal courses and training since 1992 and the Cosmos of Herbs course is the culmination of all her experiences! 

Testimonial of the Cosmos of Herbs:

"Wow, wow and wow! The description of Cosmos of Herbs 2021 spring-summer course was saying that it is going to be mindblowing. Well, it was. Instead of learning each plant and their virtues we came to receive a far broader view on their connection to the elements and planets and got to be able to use our observation to have a clue about their healing qualities.
More than that, I never thought the planets are in connection with plants or that certain planets rule certain plants… well they do and this really is mindblowing – once we get to understand these connections and the information they carry we have gained real useful knowledge. Thanks to Maureen´s dedication this way of knowledge and wisdom stays alive and reaches to more and more people. I'm very happy to even find her and having the opportunity to learn from her. And this is just the beginning of the studies…

Hear what participants say about their on-line experiences with us

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Melilotus Music Reborn CD - NOW AVAILABLE!

Subscribe for new releases of upcoming videos here

Buy a Digital copy, Hard copy and Digital Songbook here

Listen to the inspiration behind the CD and sample songs here

Your Herbal Path Tour Guides 

Join Plant Lovers Maureen Robertson, Medical Herbalist from The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and Jose Melo, Transformation through Music Practitioner, Portugal, for courses and apprenticeships based on the land devoted to the herbs near Lagos, Algarve.

Melilotus Herb Farm

Melilotus is set in 6.6ha of almond, fig and olive groves with herb and vegetable gardens you will be learning and eating from. For apprentices and other course participants, this will be a rustic down to earth experience with your own wooden cabin or caravan on site. Nearby is a shared shower block and compost toilets; internet access in the communal kitchen/living area and quiet time in the meditation area/sacred space of the hexagonal Temple where classes and workshops are held.

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