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Plant Studies

Carrasco Plant Study


Our group spent 2 days studying Carrasco or Kermes Oak (Quercus coccifera), observing the serrated leaves which give an indication of it's ability to cut out as the name Carrasco or executioner suggests...


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Motherwort Plant Study


The Herbal Path works with the Pishwanton Woodland project in East Lothian, Scotland, the main Goethean Science Study Centre in NW Europe. Last summer we met Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca). Studying this amazing plant helped confirm its traditional indications for strenghtening the Divine Feminine...


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Cistus albidus Study


Our study with the beautiful Grey Leaved Rock Rose (Cistus albidus) led to making a flower essence and infused oil in almond with the therapeutic indications of relaxation and therefore expansion in the heart area: a duality of softening relaxation supported by strong boundaries to give the comfort felt in surrendering to letting go; living in the now, being present.



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Rock Rose Study


Deep Encounter with Esteva, ::Gum Rock Rose (Cistus ladanifer)::.
We were so touched by its warrior strength to survive growing in such strong external conditions of rocky ground and exposed sunlight interconnected with the fragility of the flower, lasting only a day- strength at the same time as vulnerability...



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Asphodel Plant Study


Plant Study at Ceratonia Herb Garden with Daisy and Cory of Ceratonia and friends on the magnificent Asphodelus ramosus, also known as King's Spear and Royal Staff. We made a deliciously sweet flower essence with the therapeutic qualities of fearless uprightness & strength, clarity (straight to the point), protection, relaxing into being true to yourself.


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