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   Mon 16th - Sun 22nd Sept

includes Special Guest Herbalist, Anne McIntyre with 2 days of Detoxing with Ayurveda, 

2 Herbal Tutorial days with Maureen, a Medicine Music day with Jose and Herb Walk, Harvesting & Medicine Making Day and 1 free day.


Cost 45/day or Early Bird before end of June 630 euros incl 7 nights shared cabin accommodation, all meals and medicine making materials for preparations to take home OR 495 euros camping/campervan. 

Programme Details Here

We are excited and honoured to announce that we will be working with fellow Herbalists in US and Canada for those of you who live or visit the USA and Nova Scotia.


Fri 5th - Sun 7th July

Healing Music Concert & Sacred Singing 7.30pm Fri 5th July $15 or by donation

Music as Medicine - the Musical Vibrations of Essential Oils Sat 6th July $80

Attuning to Plants - Contemplative Goethean Plant Study Sun 7th July $80 

Yoga Centre hosted by Maria and Abraham Martin

Carlisle, Near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Fri 19th - Sun 21st July

Healing Medicine Concert & Sacred Singing 7.30pm Fri 19th July $15 or by donation

Music as Medicine - the Musical Vibrations of Essential Oils Sat 20th July $80

Attuning to Plants - Contemplative Goethean Plant Study Sun 21st July $80

EarthWalk School of Herbal Traditions hosted by Melanie Rose Scofield

Rockport, Maine.

Thurs 25th - Fri 26th July

Healing Medicine Concert & Sacred Singing 7.30pm Thurs 25th July by donation

Attuning to Plants - Contemplative Goethean Plant Study Fri 26th July $80

Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm & Botanical Sanctuary hosted by John Cummings Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Healing Music Concert and Sacred Singing 7.30pm $15 or by donation.

Fri 5th, Fri 12th, Tues 23rd & Thurs 25th July.  

Music as Medicine - the Musical Vibrations of Essential Oils 10-5pm

Sat 6th, Sat 20th & Weds 24th July


Attuning to Plants - Contemplative Goethean Plant Study 10-5pm

Sun 7th, Sun 21st, Fri 26th July

Cost (US & Canadian $) $150 whole weekend including concert or $80/day 

Programme Content

Jose and Maureen offer a varied weekend for students interested in using essential oils in a more harmonious, energetic way that encompasses the vibrational resonances behind healing through plants as well as working with contemplative plant communication using the method initiated by Goethe and developed by Rudolf Steiner. 

Music as Medicine - the Musical Vibrations of Essential Oils

Jose gives an overview of health or disease being a dissonance of vibration musical harmony within the body, mind, spirit whole and how the sound vibration of the different chords in any octave can have a strong effect on the different chakra energy centres of the body. He uses guitar chords to illustrate whilst introducing the concepts of top, middle and base notes within essential oils providing examples for participants to smell whilst the relevant chords are being played to emphasis the qualities.


The second part of the day is participants selecting which essential oils and therefore which notes and chakra centres they literally resonate with to enable them to create a blend that harmonises them. After, we start to play around with different chords coming out of the choices of participants' oil choices to see if it is possible to begin some kind of composition of healing vibration translated into music. It gives folk a unique insight into which chakra areas of their body needs attention and then the relevant vibration of essential oils and their herbs which can help address that as well as the associated musical note(s).

The self evident opening up to vibrational energy of this days brings a natural progression on to the energetic approach of Goethe to plant study. 

Attuning to Plants - Contemplative Plant Study

Introduction to the Goethean Approach

We will walk amongst the plants in silence meeting the range of different nature beings and getting a sense of the essence of their Devas. Congregating around whoever calls us most strongly, we form our subjective first impressions as a soul, mood meeting followed by earthing ourselves through objective observation of the plant. After moving into observation of the growth process, we will begin to experience an inner movement of the plant echoed in us through some drawing exercises and sharing.


After spending more time with our teacher plant, we sit in meditation to rebuild the plant, feeling within us what it means to express the essence and message of this particular plant. In this way direct communication helps us interpret their qualities and therapeutic indications and which parts of the plant can be gathered to make a type of preparation or talisman or whatever form participants discern best capture the authentic medicine of the plant.


We then work in groups to harvest and prepare remedies and different other representatives of the plant's healing.

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MAUREEN has nearly 30 years of experience working with herbs and sharing the Green knowledge. She co-founded the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 1992 offering courses from introductory to professional training at BSc and MSc degree level.

At the same time she encountered Goethe's way of studying "the Holy Open Book of Nature" as shared by Rudolf Steiner and discovered an approach of wholeness to studying plants, landscape and natural phenomena. She developed a clinical application of Goethe's method which shaped her herbal practice and the way she supports the healing process for the people she works with.

In 2012 she established the Herbal Apprenticeship at Drimlabarra Herb Farm, Isle of Arran, Scotland which she ran for 4 years before relocating to Portugal.

Her travels in Peru and Ecuador meeting shamans and teacher plants helped create a deepening into the interior world of self healing and the shamanic practices which aid these processes are now an integral part of her approach to purification and rejuvenation.

JOSE has been involved in music since his first successful punk rock band as a teenager in Sintra, Portugal, which had a strong following for many years and made a number of recordings. He quickly moved into working with the uplifting, feel-good beat of ambient electronic music which he composed and produced as a professional musician for several record labels and performed as an internationally acclaimed musical artist DJ for over a decade.

Performing to a live crowd gave him the knowledge of how music influences emotions, the sense of well being and connection to the whole.

His musical expression is continually evolving as he is continuously looking for new ways of communicating through music to now embrace the deep healing resonance phenomena of medicine songs and the healing frequencies of plant spirit vibrational medicine, especially to the essential oils and the aromatic herbs whose high frequency vibration has a commonality to harmonious musical resonance.

His warm, easy going and caring approach allows people working with him to relax into their own healing through close encounters with teacher plants and allies.


We follow an energetic approach to herbal practice and the traditions of the Medicine Wheel following the four cardinal points of North, South, East & West, the seasons of the year and the seasons of life based on the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

We work with constitutional temperaments of people, plants and foods with a particular emphasis on the principles of Ayurveda and Humoral medicine.

Our continual deepening of respect and workings with Shamanic processes helps bring ceremonial insights into healing and soul purpose and the Goethean approach brings a true sense of wholeness to learning from, plants, the landscape and each other.

"When you recite a mantra, you make yourself positive, pure and your vibration is very penetrating"

                                                                                                                                                   Yogi Bhajan

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.            J W von Goethe

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