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with American Herbalist & Author Margi Flint

Sun 14th - Mon 15th April 2024

10am - 5 pm

Melilotus Herb Farm, Lagos

Margi Flint is a treasure trove of valuable information and a fascinating distillation of the wisdom gained during her practice as a herbalist of almost 50 years, in the theory and practice of running a thriving herbal practice and clinic.



Indications of the face, fingernails, toes, and tongue. What do your thinning eyebrows mean? Why is there a crease in your earlobe? Each colour, line and marking on the face, tongue and nails holds meaning of your internal health. Margi will be explaining and demonstrating diagnostic techniques taught to her by the late William LeSassier. In knowing what the body has to say, we can learn how to prevent illness before it arrives as well as treating what is here.This seminar will consist of both lecture and hands-on learning with ample opportunity for questions to understand what your body is saying to you.



Reading the body’s colors, lines, facial, tongue and fingernail changes offers practitioners
confirmation, or better still, initial direction for the herbs to be consumed. Some of these
indications change when better health is achieved. To understand the importance of visual
indications has been the foundation of my practice. Face, tongue and fingernails, toes, colours and the wide variety of lines and their depth is crucial for accurate understanding of energetic health.


The physical body cannot be separated from the spiritual or mental aspects of self.

Those skills taught by the late William LeSassier and then new indications from David Winston, and then Matthew Wood, have allowed me to find compliance with clients, narrow down the decisions about which herbs to employ with each client, and confirm my thoughts around which endocrine gland, organ system, or emotional state is under duress. The energetics appear on, in, and into words in unique ways with each person who sits before me.


I do believe this skill needs to be introduced early in herbal studies.


The sliding scale cost for joining Margi's workshop is unwaged €144 - waged €216 for the full 2 day workshop, with the possibility of giving something in between the two amounts to reflect your ability to pay .

Please bring your own lunch.

Onsite cabin accommodation is now fully booked (contact Maureen for details of camping/campervan onsite or off site options).


Pay direct to Maureen using Paypal via the email address using option of family and friends stating it is for Margi's workshop. Alternatively, ask Maureen for bank details for transfer that way.


Margi Flint owned and operated EarthSong Herbals, a busy family practice and clinic in Marblehead, Massachutsetts. Her filters of wisdom include over 20 years of labour coaching, certification in polarity therapy and Reiki, and showing her etchings nationally and internationally as well as herbal practice since 1974.

Margi is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and has

has lectured at nationally known herbal seminars including The Women’s Herbal
Conference, Green Nations Gathering, AHG, The Great Lakes Herb Faire and The International Herb Symposium. She has, and will once again, lecture at Local hospitals, VNA, The Connecticut Midwives and numerous public and private organizations and herb schools across the country.

Margi continues to teach Advanced Clinical Studies and is a member of staff at Pacific Rim College in British Columbia. Adjunct Professor Flint taught at Tufts University of Medicine for six years plus a rotation in clinical herbal medicine for Fourth year medical students and herbal practitioners at Union Hospital and her clinic in Marblehead. She taught Herbal Pharmacology at North Shore Community College and guest lectures regularly at Massachusetts College of Pharmacology, Bastyr University.

Flint is author of the book The Practicing Herbalist - Meeting with Clients - Reading the Body -Fourth Edition

“With all the skill of a master alchemist, Margi weaves together her years of experience as an herbal practitioner with the best of the teachings and the teachers she’s studied with. She stirs in just the right amount of honey, a bit of sass, and a healthy dollop of humor to bring us one of the most eminently useful books on herbal practice available today. There’s so much wisdom here, so much depth, and so much practical information distilled into these remarkably interesting pages. But even more, there’s so much generosity of spirit as Margi invites us into her heart and home and shares with us her deeply personal journey as an herbal practitioner.”
- Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist and Author

“What a pleasure and a treasure to have all of Margi’s wisdom, experience and ever-useful insights into the art and practice of herbalism. This book will not only serve students and teachers of herbs, but all consumers of health care in search of good medicine.”
- Kathleen Maier, Sacred Plant Traditions

“What a great accumulation of vital observation and herbal tidbits! In addition, I see it as a very useful reference for practicing herbalists searching for specific information on facial, tongue, and pulse conformation. A good guide on how to sort information from the client intake. This book will be a wonderful addition to the many books already in the herbalist’s library.”
- Gail Julian, Herbalist Director Clinical Herbalist Training Program California School of
Herbal Studies

This book is an Aeon Books exclusive and not available from any other retailers. If you are from the USA or Canada please visit the author’s website here to purchase.
Book Details:
Cost: £135
Publisher: Aeon Books
Published: March 2020
Cover: Hardback
Size: 216mm (w) x 279mm (h)

Pages: 563
Catalogue no.: 95141
ISBN 13: 9781913274467
ISBN 10: 1913274462

Table of Contents:
- Dedication
- Acknowledgements
- Forward shared by Sajah Popham
- The Beginning
1. About me
2. Starting a practice
3. Seeing clients
4. Modern marketing
5. Accounting
6. Book list
7. Asking Questions
8. Sample intake
9. Sous Vide
10. Calcium Deficiency
11. HPV
12. Living with cancer
13. Simplistic View Cancer
14. Mushrooms in Cancer Therapy
15. Preparing for Surgery Adhesions and Fibrin formation
16. Experimental protocols for Lyme
17. David Winston AHG Tick-Borne Diseases
18. An Herbal Approach to Lyme and Possible Co-infections
19. David Dalton - Lyme & Flower Essences
20. Lyme Disease Update
21. Decreasing Antidepressant use
22. Auto immune Disease Insulin resistance
23. Relieving Chronic Pain
24. Disrupted sleep patterns
25. Headaches and Head Trauma
26. Understanding the Endocrine
27. Understanding Intrinsic Factor28. Covid
29. Vitamins, Minerals & Amino acids
30. Voice
31. Assessing the Energetics of a condition
32. Visual Observations
33. Constitutional Body types
34. Examining Color
35. Organ / Body Correspondences
36. Examining the Face
37. Examining Ears
38. Examining the Eyes
39. Examining the Nose
40. Examining the Mouth and Teeth and Lips
41. Examining the Chin
42. Examining the Tongue
43. Specific Tongue Indications
44. The Hands
45. Examining the fingernails
46. Large intestine lines
47. Elimination
48. Urine
49. Pulses
50. Quicksight Confirmations
51. Planetary Responsibility
52. Resources
53. List of Artwork
54. Index of Kay Parent’s Calligraphy
55. Common to Latin Names
56. Index


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