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The Herbal Path 2018


Herbal Medicine Course


Sat 5th to Sun 13th May 2018


with Medical Herbalist Maureen Robertson MNIMH and Jose Melo Musician and Song Writer and Guest International Teachers

Melilotus Herb Farm
Lagos, Algarve

The Herbal Path Course 2018
Hands on Practical Experiential Learning In The Way of Healing Herbs


Come and join us on the next part of our Journey together as Pilgrims on the Herbal Path on our new land near Lagos, Algarve.

Guest Teachers:

  • Farida Sharan (World Citizen) Elemental Dances, Iridology as a self educational analysis tool and Herbal Strategies for Healing and Rejuvenation.

  • Maureen Robertson (UK & Portugal) Contemplative Plant Communication

  • Anthar Kharana (Colombia) Sacred Tobacco Ceremony Holder and Medicine Song Musician

  • Jerome (France & Portugal) Ceremonial Coastal Walk Leader

  • Fernanda Botelho (Portugal) Local plant expert

  • Jose Melo (Portugal) Musician & Plant Lover

Course Structure

The course runs over 9 days with a free day in between on Weds 9th May and is divided into 2 x 4 day blocks (Sat 5th - Tues 8th May and Thurs 10th - Sun 13th May).

The 2 x weekends (Sat 5th - Sun 6th May and Sat 12th - Sun 13th May can be taken separately as well as each of the 4 day blocks.

  • Arrivals Fri 4th May Introductory Get Together at 7pm and settling in.

  • Day 1 Sat 5th May Introduction to Iridology and Self Reflexology and  early morning herbal tea followed by Herbal Medicine and Inner Ecology & Elements of Life Embodiment Teachings with with Farida Sharan.

  • Day 2 Sun 6th May Introduction to Iridology & Self Reflexology and early morning herbal tea followed by Herbal Medicine and Inner Ecology & Elements of Life Embodiment Teachings with with Farida Sharan.

  • Day 3 Mon 7th May  Herb walk with Fernanda Botelho and Practical Herbal Medicine making with Maureen Robertson. Elements of Life Embodiment Teachings with with Farida Sharan.

  • Day 4 Tues 8th May Plant Communication Study & Capturing the Qualities of Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) including Herbal Medicine Making with Maureen Robertson. Elements of Life Embodiment Teachings with with Farida Sharan.

  • Day 5 Weds 9th May Free day to go to the beach or visit nearby Lagos. 

  • Day 6 Thurs 10th May  Plant Communication Study with Sacred Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) including Medicine Making and the Music of the Plants with Maureen and Jose Melo.

  • Day 7 Fri 11th May Field Trip and cliff walk to meet unique West Algarve flora with Jerome. 

  • Public Concert (19:30) with Anthar Kharana.

  • Day 8 Sat 12th May Traditional Tabaco Ceremony and its relation to the Medicine Wheel as well as learning Songs, Stories and the Ancient Use of the Sacred Fire with Anthar Kharana.

  • Day 9 Sun 13th May Sacred Sound Tradition: Leaning how to Heal Yourself with the Use of Your Own Voice and the Help of the Plant Medicines as well as a Sound Ceremony working with the Power Animals with Anthar Kharana.

Cost/Value Exchange

*10% Discount for all Pure Health School of Natural Medicine Students*

**10% Discount for previous Herbal Path participants*

Whole 9 day course (including free day Weds 9th May) in cabin accommodation including all food and Concert with Anthar:

775 euros or 600 euros if you camp and bring your own tent or campervan (limited space for vehicles).

Pay online in £'s (£775 to offset currency exchange and paypal fees

The Herbal Path Course 2017

with Medical Herbalist Maureen Robertson MNIMH and Jose Melo Musician and Song Writer


Sat 25th March to
Sun 2nd April 2017


Come and join us on the next part of our Journey together as Pilgrims on the Herbal Path on our new land near Lagos, Algarve.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Bendle (Herbalist UK) Herbs to support Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Stella Hogberg (Herbalist Sweden) Herbs and Massage for Lymphatic Cleansing

  • Cat Guarani Kaiowá (Practical Herbal Medicine, Portugal)

  • Fernanda Botelho (Portugal) tbc

  • International Sound Healing Therapist and Medicine Musician tbc.

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1 x 4 day block in cabin accommodation and all food costs 400 euros or camping/campervan costs 320 euros 

Block 1 (includes Farida) Fri 4th 7pm -Tues 8th 5pm or Block 2 (includes Anthar) Thurs 10th - Sun 13th 4pm).

Farida's Teaching Only 

Fri 4th 7pm  till Tues 8th May breakfast  - The tuition, accommodation and food total is

€325 euros in a shared cabin or €285 if camping with you own tent/campervan. To pay online with your credit or debit card in £ sterling (£325) to include currency exchange, click on button below.

**Does not include Local Plants Herb Walk and Medicine Making with Fernanda Botelho on Mon 7th or Plant Communication with Mugwort with Maureen on Tues 8th - for that you need the Whole 4 day Block 1 which includes everything and costs 400 euros or 320 with camping/campervan.

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Anthar's Teaching Weekend Only  Sat 12th - Sun 13th with Anthar) cabin accommodation and all food costs 225 euros or if camping costs 185 euros.

**If you are low income and can't afford to attend,  please contact us with enough time so we can arrange a deal if you help during the events. Numbers are limited.**

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Quinta Melilotus is set in 6.6ha of almond, fig and olive groves and the new herb and vegetable gardens where you will be learning and eating from. We are near a river bed set in the campo yet within walking distance of two nearby villages and just minutes drive from multiple sandy beaches, secret coves, fascinating rock formations and caves and stunning cliff walks as well as the bustling town of Lagos with all its modern amenities set within the backdrop of its ancient town walls, marina and winding cobblestone streets.

This will be a rustic down to earth experience where you will have your own wooden cabin or caravan on site near a shared shower block and compost toilet with access to the internet in the communal kitchen/living area and quiet time in the meditation area/sacred space of the geodesic dome. Bicycles are available for exploring the local surrounds and you will have access to a working herbal dispensary where you will have the opportunity to undertake pharmacy activities and dispensing of herbal medicines.


MAUREEN has nearly 25 years of experience working with herbs and sharing the Green knowledge. She co-founded the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 1992 offering courses from introductory to professional training at BSc and MSc degree level.

At the same time she encountered Goethe's way of studying "the Holy Open Book of Nature" as shared by Rudolf Steiner and discovered an approach of wholeness to studying plants, landscape and natural phenomena. She developed a clinical application of Goethe's method which shaped her herbal practice and the way she supports the healing process for the people she works with.

In 2012 she established the Herbal Apprenticeship at Drimlabarra Herb Farm, Isle of Arran, Scotland which she ran for 4 years before relocating to Portugal.

Her travels in Peru and Ecuador meeting shamans and teacher plants helped create a deepening into the interior world of self healing and the shamanic practices which aid these processes are now an integral part of her approach to purification and rejuvenation.

JOSE has been involved in music since his first successful punk rock band as a teenager in Sintra which had a strong following for many years and made a number of recordings. He quickly moved into working with the uplifting, feel-good beat of ambient electronic music which he composed and produced as a professional musician for several record labels and  performed as an internationally acclaimed musical artist DJ for over a decade.

Performing to a live crowd gave him the knowledge of how music influences emotions, the sense of well being and connection to the whole.

His musical expression is continually evolving as he is continuously looking for new ways of communicating through music to now embrace the deep healing resonance phenomena of medicine songs and the healing frequencies of plant spirit vibrational medicine, especially to the essential oils and the aromatic herbs whose high frequency vibration has a commonality to harmonious musical resonance.

His warm, easy going and caring approach allows people working with him to relax into their own healing through close encounters with teacher plants and allies.


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