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Herbal Immersion Week in Healing Herbs, Medicine Music & Ayurveda
Arrive Sun 15th Sept 6pm depart Sun 22nd Sept 2019

(Days can be taken individually)
Quinta Melilotus Herb Farm, near Lagos

Programme with Maureen Robertson Medical Herbalist, Jose Melo Musician & Song Writer and Special Guest Anne McIntyre, Ayurvedic Herbalist

Sun 15th Sept New Beginnings

Arrive and settle in. Introductions and  induction into the workings of the programme and the farm.  Please bring any instruments you would like to have with you to contribute to any musical sharings.


Mon 16th Sept EARTH ~ ROOT MEDICINE led by Maureen

Herb Walk and Harvesting. Food as Medicine and Nutrition including preparation of living and superfoods for optimum health. Minerals, salts and structure: the Muscular-Skeletal system. Root Medicine Tasting and Making practical herbal preparations

Tues 17th MUSIC AS MEDICINE led by Jose

Focusing specifically on the high vibration frequencies of the aromatic essential oil containing herbs, we will translate these healing frequencies into musical resonance using our voices, different instruments with Nature sounds as our backdrop and base.


 led by Anne McIntyre

In the Ayurvedic tradition, detoxification followed by rejuvenation (rasayana) is the first step to enhancing health of mind and body. Regular periods of detoxification can help to protect us from developing health problems, increase our energy and vitality and promote a sense of joy and wellbeing.

The accumulation of toxins is part of life and can affect us on both physical as well as subtle levels. Psychologically, when we are not able to process difficult times in life, mental and emotional toxins accumulate from holding onto negative emotions and undigested experiences. 

The incredible teachings of Ayurveda provide us with wise counsel for helping us to let go of these toxins as well as a medicine chest of remedies from the natural world to bring us back into harmony in body and mind. During our two days workshop we will explore many of these and you will leave with a deeper understanding of Ayurveda as well as practical tools for self healing. 

Fri 20th Sept

Free day to visit local beaches, Lagos town, Church of Our Lady of Guadalope etc.

Sat 21st Sept AIR ~ LEAF MEDICINE led by Maureen 

Botanical Identification, leaf sequences. Introduction to herbs for the Skin and making external preparations. 

Sun 22nd FIRE - FLOWER MEDICINE led by Maureen

Flower Power! Making preparations from flowers for both internal and external use.


690 euros incl 7 nights shared cabin accommodation, all meals and medicine making materials for preparations to take home OR 550 euros for camping/campervan.

**Each day can be taken individually at 45 euros/day including lunch and all medicine making materials**


Longer Stay

There is the possibility of arriving earlier or staying on longer at extra cost for accommodation (35 euros/night) and meals (Breakfast 5 euros, lunch and dinner 10 euros each).

Refund Policy

We cannot guarentee to fill your spot with less than 30 days notice. There are no refunds 0-30 days in advance of the workshop. Prior to that (more than 30 days in advance) IF we manage to fill your spot we will refund you 90% (10% admin fee). If we do fill not fill your spot, we will refund you 45% of the fee. Please note that the later you cancel the less chance there is of your space being filled.

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