The Herbal Path Course 2015 Photo Gallery

Photos by Kieran Robertson

Day 1
Day 1 of the Herbal Path Course. Wild foraging and plant identification plus pressing out Orange Blossom macerated oil and making Rock Rose/Esteva infused oil.


Day 2
Day 2 of the Herbal Path Course: Herb Walk around Monte Mariposa Retreat Centre and harvesting Cleavers (Galium aparine) and Borage (Borago officinalis) for juicing


Day 3
Day 3 of the Herbal Path Course: Making infused oils, flower essences and infusions of herbs encountered in plant meditations. Making a new herb wheel; herb walk round the garden with Anne McIntyre and Fernanda Botelho. Amazing day finished with concert by pianist Corey from Ceratonia Herb Farm.


Day 4 & 5
Day 4 and 5 of the Herbal Path with the amazing, inspirational and joyful Anne McIntyre sharing the Living Wisdom of Ayurveda, how to assess your constitution and Ayurvedic Nutrition based on the 6 tastes of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.
Continuing with more pearls of wisdom from Anne McIntyre discussing the treatment of common children's conditions based on Ayurvedic Principles.


Day 6
Day 6 of the Herbal Path visited Gale beach and the wonderful Ceratonia Herb Farm near Algoz carefully tended by the lovely Daisy Mae and Corey.


Day 7
Day 7 of The Herbal Path was spent getting to know Thornapple (Datura stramonium). We walked in silence to meet the plant, observe it in exquisite detail, regrew it through meditation when the insight to make a flower essence for enhancing Third eye psychic communication and intuition, heart expansion and protectiveness and a flying ointment made of the infused leaves.


Day 8
Day 8 of the Herbal Path included our daily stretching and chanting. We worked in the dispensary selecting essential oils, hydrosols and infused oils for our afternoon aromatherapy oil blending and massage.
The Sweatlodge ceremony took place at night.


Day 9
Day 9 of the Herbal Path where we meet 7 plants in detail linked to the 7 energy centres by blind tea tasting to really feel how they acted in our bodies to give therapeutic indications.


Day 10
Day 10 of the Herbal Path was spent in ceremony using herbs and Shamanic practices. We underwent an energy cleansing using aromatic herbs that had been collected by the group; we used sacred plants like Palo Santo and White Sage to demonstrate the importance of cleaning the energy of a person or place and in the afternoon we practised a cord cutting ceremony to cleanse on a deeper level. Thank you to all the wonderful participants that made this course so special and inspiring. The dates have now been set for next years event 8th-17th April 2016, look forward to seeing you all again then.
Love xx


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