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Other Activities

Come and join us for meetings with remarkable plants.

Bathe in the positive energy of Melilotus Herb Farm... or relax and enjoy a re-energizing massage.

Be prepared to meet yourself and your plant ally through Herbal Consultations with Maureen.

Plant Studies

Join us looking in exquisite detail at one plant over 1-2 days working with a Natural Phenomena method laid down by Goethe and Rudolf Steiner. Working in a group accelerates our learning from the plant we are communicating with. Rebuilding the plant through group meditation calls forth the true essence and therapeutic qualities of the plant and indicates the most appropriate medicinal preparations which captures this healing potential.

The next monthly plant study date is on the home page.  Bring vegetarian lunch to share and any drawing materials you have. Payment by donation to include medicine making materials.

Massage and Consultations


With over 25 years clinical experience as a Medical Herbalist and Therapeutic Masseuse and Aromatherapist, Maureen is able to offer intuitive treatments based on her long clinical experience and training.  She understands the importance of self evident learning and allows people working with her to forge their own direct experiences and meetings with the plants who will be your therapeutic allies.  Massage treatments last between 1-2 hours and cost 60 euros. Herbal consultations including Medical Astrological assessment and last between 2-3 hrs including making up your own medicine from scratch to take home with you and cost 175 euros plus any additional medicine costs.

Seed Sunday


Learn about best conditions for germinating different seeds and how to tend new plants. We will be planting by the moon to take advantage of greater germination rates when seeds are sown on or before the full moon. The next Seed Sunday will be 15th Jan 2023 2-4pm includes a Herb walk (donation 10 euros). Bring any seeds you have for a seed swap, fresh herb tea from the garden and good company will be provided in exchange for helping out in Melilotus Herb Farm's gardens.

Herb Walks


If you look with eyes truly open, you can see that the plant realm is communicating with us at every opportunity and literally every step we take. Paying attention to plants by herb walks is a fun and informative way to make new friends - of both the human and plant kind. Next Herb Walk to be announced soon.

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