hosted by Maureen @ Melilotus Herb Farm, near Lagos

Next In Person class on Strawberry Thyme Medicine

Date :Thur 20th May 10 - 1pm.

This native Thyme/Tomilho has a beautiful sweet strawberry/citrus aroma. We will be making a wonderful flower essence from the pink flowers to take home. 30 euros.

This class can also be taken as a live interaction zoom class on Fri 21st May 2021 (£/euros20) or via recording (£/euros15 ). For more information click here.





Spend time getting to know a medicinal plant through botanical observation, drawing and meditation to rebuild the plant in ourselves and identify which herbal preparation best captures the essence of the plant!

Cost to include tutorials, herb tea, all medicine making materials to take home 30 euros or 75 euros if book a block of 3 days.

Thurs 20th May Strawberry Thyme Native to Algarve & Mint Family Qualities


Thurs 17th Jun Sage Medicine and other Salvias


  Thurs 15th Jul Feverfew Medicine

Thurs 12th Aug Mugwort Medicine & other Artemisias

Thurs 9th Sept Burdock Medicine

Previous Plants we have studied are below and they are available as recordings for £15/recording or registering on Module 1 of the Cosmos of Herbs where they can all be found for £75:

Thurs 17th Sept Golden Rod and more on Asteraceae Family

Thurs 22nd Oct Olive and Olive Family Medicine

Thurs 19th Nov Kearn's Oak and Oak Family Qualities

Thurs 10th Dec Medronho & Heather Family Qualities

Thurs 4th Feb 2021 Almond Blossom Medicine and Rose Family Qualities

Thurs 18th Feb  Asphodel Medicine and Asphodelaceae Family Qualities

Thurs 18th Mar  Esteva/Gum Rock Rose and Cistaceae Family Qualities

 Tues 20th Apr Rosmaninho/Topped Lavender Native to Portugal & Mint Family Qualities


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