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Music and Plants Day

with José Melo Sat 1st May



"When you recite a mantra,

you make yourself positive,

pure and your vibration is

very penetrating"                              YogiBhajan

Finale of The Herbal Path Course 2021

Sat 1st May 10-4pm

45 euros incl oil blend to take home (bring your own lunch)

The relation between music and plants comes a long way. In ceremonies, shamans would use sound and plants in order to achieve higher states of consciousness, that would enable them to bring clarity and healing to a dysfunction or illness withing the community.


Music therapies and plant preparations are two ways of manipulating frequencies and vibrations, with an identical objective: to create a ‘medicinal agent’ for a specific dysfunction. Whether it is a tincture, a tea, a liniment, powder, or any other kind of medicinal plant preparation, or whether it is an arrangement of sounds, melodies and harmonies, the process and end result are the same: blending and combining frequencies and vibrations in order to create a healing ‘melody’, a medicine!”.

Einstein brought the principle that everything is energy and vibration when he coined the equation ‘e=mc 2 ’. Matter is actually energy and we should look at everything around us with that in mind. Plants and all living things have an auric field filled with subtle energy, and also have different subtle bodies, similar to human beings. Like music, plants can interact at all levels of our subtle bodies, but we are most consciously affected at the emotional/astral level and mental level. Most of us, with a connection with plants, may have experienced an emotional or mental shift from interacting with a plant, even if momentary.

Music and plants share a great deal of complicity and the more we consciously realize this, the better equipped we will be to deal with many other aspects of our lives, they are complementary in their nature and have a strong intersection at the emotional level.

During this workshop we will be unveiling the healing essence of music and how music and plants interact with and complement each other.

Structure of the Day:
Healing Essence of Music.
Exercises With Soundscapes.
Introduction to Essential Oils.
The Melodies of Essential Oils.
Blending Essential Oils.
Music and Plants.
The Astral or Emotional Body.
Introduction to the Chakras.
Exercise with Chakra Soundscapes.
Music of the Plants.

José Melo’s The Healing Essence of Music

Understanding The True Nature of Sound and Music & Its Healing Potential Online Course

(available late Summer/Autumn 2021)



Module I - The Physics of Sound


Lesson I – The Physics of Sound

Session I - Frequencies and Vibrations.

Session II - Sound Waves vs Electromagnetic Waves (Logic: Sound Wave Pitch Class).

Session III - Pitch, Musical Notes and Chords (Logic: Sound Wave Pitch Class).


Module II – The Healing Essence of Sound


Lesson I – Sound as a Divine Element

Session I - Mythos and Logos.
Session II - Sound as a Divine Element.

Session III - Sound and Matter.


Lesson II - Sound as Medicine

Session I - Sound as Medicine.

Session II - Vibrational Frequencies and the Body.

Session III - Therapies With Sound.


Module III - Chakras and Subtle Energy


Lesson I - The Realm of Subtle Bodies.

Session I - Subtle Energy.

Session II - Multidimensional Bodies and the Human Aura.


Lesson II - Chakras

Session I - Introduction to the Chakras.

Session II - Chakras.

Session III - Chakras Table of Correspondences part I & part II.


Lesson III - Meditation

Session I - Meditation.

Session II - Meditation Techniques.


Module IV - Music as Medicine


Lesson I - The Realm of Music.

            Session I - Introduction to the Realm of Music.

            Session II - Music and the Plant Realm.


Lesson II - Music as Medicine.

            Session I - ‘Musica Humana’.

            Session II - The Healing Nature of Music.

            Session III - Music Therapy.


Lesson III - Music and Emotions.

            Session I - Identifying Emotions.

Session II - Healing With Emotions.


Bonus Module - Music and Essential Oils


Lesson I - Essential Oils

         Session I - Introduction to Essential Oils.

            Session II - Blending Essential Oils.


Lesson II - Healing with Music and Essential Oils

                        Session I - Essential Oils and the Brain.

                        Session II - Music and Essential Oils

JOSE has been involved in music since his first successful punk rock band as a teenager in Sintra, Portugal, which had a strong following for many years and made a number of recordings. He quickly moved into working with the uplifting, feel-good beat of ambient electronic music which he composed and produced as a professional musician for several record labels and performed as an internationally acclaimed musical artist DJ for over a decade.

Performing to a live crowd gave him the knowledge of how music influences emotions, the sense of well being and connection to the whole.

His musical expression is continually evolving as he is continuously looking for new ways of communicating through music to now embrace the deep healing resonance phenomena of medicine songs and the healing frequencies of plant spirit vibrational medicine, especially to the essential oils and the aromatic herbs whose high frequency vibration has a commonality to harmonious musical resonance.

His warm, easy going and caring approach allows people working with him to relax into their own healing through close encounters with teacher plants and allies.

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