The Herbal Path Course 2017 Photo Gallery

Day 1
Plant Communication processes introduced us first to Esteva/Rock Rose (Cistus ladanifer) and her incredible scent and sticky resin. We compared the different constitutional types of herbs in the garden and in the wild by observing leaf expression and the Doctrine of Signatures. We finished the day making Calendula ointment.


Day 2
with Bendle in the tipi practising exercises identifying physical bodily issues with creating a picture from moving with the physical feeling. Our partners helped us interprete what lay behind the issue and what herb we identified with the healing impulse. We had a sauerkraut fermentation demonstration after lunch.


Day 3
with Jerome and a magical walk along the coastal cliffs from Furnas to Barranco beach meeting different Cistus sps. wild thyme, lavenders and a plethora of magical herbs. A highlight of the day was Jerome conducting a Sacred Tobacco Ceremony as we sat in a circle on the clifftop and dedicated our intentions to the Water element and her crucial life giving role.


Day 4
with Fernanda Botelho identifying the native plants on the new land and the river bed. Lesser periwinkle, wild rosemary and thymes, fennel, linseed and many more...We finished the day making Calendula ointment from previously infused calendula oil and Fernanda gave us a tutorial on all the plant cuttings she brought from her magnificent garden in Sintra.


Day 5
began with Lymphatic cleansing exercises followed by a Thai Massage demonstration by Cat. The afternoon was spent making Asphodel flower essence and more ointment.


Day 6-8
with the truly inspiring Bettina Maureen Ji, wonderfully assisted by Moshe Halperin and George Barker, treating us to liberating voice exercises, medicine songs, a concert on Fri night and a beautiful Music Healing Circle on Sat night. They left us with abundant blessings and joyfulness to continue to integrate after the event. Thank you beautiful people, one and all for such a magnificent activation Herbal Path Event on the new land.


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