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The Herbal Path Course 2018 Photo Gallery

Days 1 & 2
The beginning of our adventures with Farida Sharan! We were blessed and anointed with a glorious mixture of essential oils and Jose and Maureen were honoured by beautiful scarves. Farida literally illuminated us with her introduction of Iridology and the constitutional types and took us on the most exquisite and deeply moving journey through her Elements of Life Embodiment Dances.


farida chamomile
Farida anoiting fernanda
farida anointing stef
farida anointing francesca
farida gifts presentations ze and mo
stef own eye
eye drawing
ross ricardo eye
maureen and ross eyes
tour of the land
francesca earth
monica and stef fire
fernanda air
olivia water
stef earth
ross fire
Maureen Artemisa Fire (1)
Maureen Ecstatic (1)
Stef heart prayer
christine air
Maureen Air Light (1)
Elements Iridology Group-2 copy 2 (1)
Day 3
Another informative herb walk with the extremely knowledgable Fernanda Botelho. We made preparations out of some of the herbs we met: like Esteva - Rock Rose (Cistus ladanifer) infused oil and salve, Centaury (Centaurium erythrea) tincture and Esteva cordial!


herb walk close up
herb walk herbal path 18
scabios close up
herb walk with artemisia and yarrow
herb walk in the garden
jose and artichoke
artichoke close up
beautiful monica and flower basket
herbs gathered from herbwalk 18
fernanda and rosmarinho
Buddhy - Herbal Path Final-304
fernanda preparing centaury
centaury tincture
stef with flower display for lunch table
Day 4
What a magical day bathing in the Artemisian energy of Chinese Mugwort (Artemisia sinesis)! We began the day with stretching, chanting and receiving a drum sound bath. After meeting the plant, drawing soul images of her and meditating on the types of preparations to make, we ended up with magnificent wreath crowns of Artemisia and rolled our own smudge sticks (this plant aids acupuncture by being burned over meridian points as moxa).


ricardo receiving drum resonance
drawing artemisia
artemisia studybook
christine drawing artemisia
stef drawing artemisia
artemisia leaf relief
monica drawing artemisia
ross drawing artemisia
ricardo drawing tabaco
fernanda drawing artemisia
group artemisia drawings
Queen stef artemisia
Ross artemisia wand
wand crystal detail artemisia
stef making smudge stick artemisia
tying artemisia smudgestick
artemisia group photo
Day 5
Another plant study, this time on Sacred Tabaco (Nicotiana rusticana) with the accompaniment of Colombian Medicine Man Anthar Kharana who was to take us much further with working with this herb over the next days. 


anthar flute plus tabaco drawing
ross drawing tabaco
lucie drawing tabaco
maureen drawing tabaco
helen drawing tabaco
stef drawing tabaco
monica drawing tabaco
tabaco group drawings
preparing tabaco for decoction
decocting tabaco
grinding tabaco leaf
mixing tabaco flying cream
straining flower essence tabaco
cliff ceremony altar
tabaco medicina
Days 6-8
Stunning cliff top herb walk along the SW Algarve coast. We stopped along the way to have a Sacred Tabaco Ceremony led by Anthar Kharana who then gifted us to more traditional medicine songs and his original compositions in a concert at night. He continued to share more about his knowledge of Traditional Tabaco Preparations as well as voice work and a sound healing journey.


Herbal path beach cave ceremony
yellow flowers coastal walk
coastal walk herbal path
juniper herbal path
cliff ceremony
anthar with charango
anthar and altar
anthar guitar
anthar with feather
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