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Melilotus Music Reborn CD


Meliotus Music First Album!

Songs from a unique fusion where Healing Vibrations inspired by Nature and medicinal plants meets musical expression in Divine Union.


Our aim is to fully embrace the phenomenon of Mind::Body::Spirit healing from musical frequencies. These are the same wavelengths as Nature and the link between her colours, smells, tastes and sounds all using vibrational resonances related to our chakras.


This is our attempt to interprete how music and melodic harmonies can be just as healing as Nature therapies and medicinal plants.


One concert participant described the experience as a brain massage!

You can get a taster of our music through our page on

Hear more about our experiences creating this Nature::Music::Herbal Medicine fusion and samples of songs from the CD with this teleseminar hosted by Pam Montgomery of Nature Evolutionaries:

If you would like to support us by receiving a digital or hard copy of our CD when it available 0n 9th Mar, you can purchase your copy below.


"When you recite a mantra,

you make yourself positive,

pure and your vibration is

very penetrating"                              YogiBhajan

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