The Herbal Path Course 2016 Photo Gallery

Photos by Kieran Robertson

The Herbal Path Course 2016 Photo Gallery

Photos by Kieran Robertson

Day 1
Day 1 of the Herbal Path course was a sensory extravaganza, walking in silent procession to the Rosmaninho on the hillside to meditate, gather and use alchemically processes to transform this beautiful plant into stunning Aromatic Water/Hydrosol using our new alembic. We explored other essential oils and looked at different ways of using them externally, internally and intensively. We finished off a perfect day with a concert of Sacred Music and Medicine Songs with wonderful local musicians. Thank you to all who made the day so special including the Kitchen Angels and their magnificent creations..


Day 2
Day 2 of the Herbal Path when we spent the day communing with trees through tasting different preparations from trees like White Willow (Salix alba) bark decoction and Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) tea as well as experiencing blindfolded meditation with different trees like Quince/Marmelada (Cydonia oblonga), Orange (Citrus sinesis) and Myrtle (Myrtus communis). We tasted resins like Frankincense (Boswellia sps) and Myrrh (Commiphora molmol).


Day 3
Day 3 of the Herbal Path brought us to Herdade de Vale Covo, Mertola in Alentejo, where we spent the day with the inspirational Francois Goris sharing his 24 years of making organic essential oils from wild and cultivated plants.


Day 4
Day 4 on the Herbal Path was spent with Fernanda Botelho sharing her amazing knowledge of Portuguese medicinal and edible plants. We made Myrtle (Myrtus communis) and Rock Rose (Cistus ladanifer) flower essences and infused oils and pressed out our orange blossom infused oil from the tree day.


Day 5
Day 5 of the Herbal Path with UK Herbalist Christine Herbert sharing her experiences of supporting people with cancer. We made the most delicious and nutritious green smoothies and used adaptogenic stress relieving powdered herbs to make herbal power balls with tahini, ground sunflower seeds, molasses and as medicine.


Day 6
Day 6 of the Herbal Path course introduced us to practicing muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to determine food intolerances with Christine Herbert, UK Herbalist. We then tasted an array of herbal richness in the form of tinctures to improve digestion and nutrition assimilation. The day was rounded off by a variety of different fermented probiotic gut power preparations including Kombucha and Kefirs which Somesh had been fermenting for us. Taste explosions and huge feel good factor.


Day 7
Day 7 with the inspiring Rocio Alarcon from Ecuador saw us walking the Herbal Path in a sacred way with various Shamanic practices preparing us for a powerful Limpia Ceremony to cleanse what no longer serves us, leaving us lighter, more joyful and ready to work with a deeper healing intention towards the next steps of the journey. We finished the day with Jerome leading a tobacco ceremony and sacred sauna Temascal.


Day 8
Our final day of celebration being on the Herbal Path. Rocio Alarcon, Shamanic Herbalist from Ecuador shared the importance of seeds as metaphors of all things pertaining to growth. We worked on creating landscape installations/mandalas using natural materials to represent the elements as a tool to interpret our own internal landscape. A powerful revealing practice to connect with how to move forward with obstacles removed. Shivani helped us to close in style, the amazing success of the coming together of such a magnificent fusion of teachers, healers, artists and herb lovers with a raw all plant based cake extravaganza.
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