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Bettina Maureenji Weekend Workshop

Melilotus Herb Farm, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Fri 31st March - Sun 2nd April 2017 (10 am - 5pm)

Public Concert Fri 31st March 7.30pm incl. food 15/10 euros

Music Healing Circle Sat 1st April 7.30pm till late (only for workshop participants)

Bettina Maureenji

is an internationally certified sound healing practitioner, teacher, traveler, unique musician and shamanic practitioner with accreditation in sound, voice and music healing from the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

Bettina Maureenji will be sharing her transformative practices using the breath and voice for you to become your own medicine as a beautiful finale to the herbal path course this year. Her ability to transmit healing vibrations of plant medicine through the resonance of her music is deeply effective to bring about lasting healing. We will be integrating meditations with herbs to directly integrate her teaching. To hear more about what Bettina Maureenji will be sharing, she has recorded this clip

Here is a taster of her exquisite music

Bettina Maureenji will be accompanied by Moshe Halperin and George Barker (scroll down for bios).

Moshe holds singing circles and healing music concerts and lives between the UK and Ibiza. 

George brings a blend of both experience and training in western dance music, indigenous  traditional music, plant medicine work, meditation and Transpersonal psychotherapy and group process. He brings songs, mantras and prayers to share from many traditions, as well as his own.

Their invitation is to come together for an encounter with our sacred hearts through music and song. To this circle of life, we will together bring songs and prayers to share from around the world. 


Weekend workshop Fri 31st Mar- Sun 2nd Apr including accommodation and all food costs 225 euros or if camping 180 euros.

Fri 31st March Concert 15 euros (unwaged 10 euros) including supper.

Sat 1st April Healing Music Circle prices on application.



Born 1971 in New York and of Germanic  descent, Bettina Maureenji grew up in Syria and Germany. She completed the University for management and administration and started working for a concert agency in Hamburg. In 1999 she left Germany and moved to Ibiza, Spain where she met the Brazilian musician Carioca Freitas who influenced her relationship to music. She decided to travel the world for a few years visiting Central and South America, Asia, Australia, Israel and England.


During a journey to Varanasi (India) in 2003 she decided to devote her life to music and began to study Indian Classical Music with Pandith Shivanat Mishra. Shortly after she discovered her love for singing and using her voice as her main instrument and  developed her own style in contemporary sitar playing. Weaving her musical expertise, her studies and her life experiences she is teaching voice opening classes and lessons and provides sound healing treatments.




2003 Indian Classical Music with Pandith Shivnat Mishra, Varanasi, India

2006 Sound Healing Course with Nestor Kornblum, Spain

2007 Musician at CITA, Barcelona Spain 2009 Founder of Samasound Association for Healing Music, Ibiza, Spain

2012 Sound, Voice & Music Healing Program at CIIS, SF, CA


Bettina Maureenji recorded 5 CDs and published one book. Her new album Ceremony was released in Dec 2016.

Biography George Barker

After a successful career as a music producer in London, George went on to train in yoga under Faustomaria Dorelli, and in meditation under the Venerable Therevada Buddhist master Pa Auk Sayadaw and for many years as a teaching assistant under renowned western meditation teacher Burgs. He founded a holistic healing and meditation centre with Burgs in Bali where they worked for some years, before returning from Asia to study Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy at the C.C.P.E. in London. He went on to specialise in Dreamwork, groups and non-ordinary states of consciousness, and during this time began to work again with plant medicines in Colombia with Kajuhali Tsamani and Mamas from the Kogi tribe and with the Huni Kuin tribe of Acre in  Brazil. A deep friendship with Maureenji and Moshe led to a profound collaboration in both music and  healing, and the creation of  Sacred Singing and Prayer Circles in London and Somerset called Circle of Life and the co-hosting of workshops.


“The Power of the World always works in Circles.” - Nicholas Black Elk

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