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Maureen Robertson

Medical Herbalist 


Maureen Robertson has been leading Contemplative Plant study and developing an energetic approach to Attuning with Herbs for over 20 years. Her passion of sharing deep encounters with healing plants culminates in The Herbal Path course and Plant studies in Algarve and the Herbal Apprenticeship programme she runs in Scotland. She was co-founder of the world renowned Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and has worked with inspiring Shamans in Peru, Ecuador and now Portugal. Join her as she leads you in crossing over into the plant realm and return with clarity and insights into your own healing with your plant ally/totum.

Jose Melo

Musician and Plant Lover


Jose Melo is a travelling troubadour, connecting with plants on a shamanic level and with attention to ceremony and musical resonance. His desire to be in service to the plants led him to deep connection with essential oils and the aromatic herbs. He undertook a herbal apprenticeship with Maureen and they now travel together, learning from each other through meetings with remarkable plants and people. His warm, easy going and caring approach allows people working with him to relax into their own healing through close encounters with teacher plants and allies.

In the below video Maureen Robertson outlines the content of the course "Learning from Plants" held at Pishwanton Wood (Scotland) during the weekend of 5th and 6th of July 2014.

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