Programme for The Apprenticeship in Healing Herbs and Medicine Music
Sun 14th April to Sun 12th May 2019
Quinta Melilotus Herb Farm, near Lagos

Programme for The Spring Apprenticeship in Healing Herbs and Medicine Music 2019

Sun 14th April New Beginnings

Arrive and settle in. Introduction to fellow apprentices and into the workings of the programme and the farm. Songs round the fire to mark the beginning of our time together. Please bring any instruments you would like to have with you to contribute to the many fires we will be sharing.


Mon 15th April Tutorial Day 1 led by Maureen

Walk around the land. Introduction to Plant Communication based on Goethe's approach. Meditations and blind tea tasting. Choosing of your plant ally which you will work with over the next few weeks with an informal presentation on the final tutorial day.

Tues 16th April Garden Time 1

Morning in the Garden meeting our cultivated plants. Introduction to practical Veganic Gardening.Harvesting, pruning, cleaning and making beautiful preparations from our gatherings.


Weds 17th April Tutorial Day 2 led by Maureen


The Digestive Processes and Solar Plexus. Food as Medicine and Nutrition including preparation of living and superfoods for optimum health. Minerals, salts and structure: the Muscular-Skeletal system. Herb Tasting and Pharmacy – Making practical herbal preparations



Thurs 18th April Tutorial Day 3 led by Jose


Focussing specifically on the high vibration frequencies of the aromatic essential oil containing herbs, we will translate these healing frequencies into musical resonance using our voices, different instruments with Nature sounds as our backdrop and base.

Fri 19th April

Free days to work with your plant and integration. 

Sat 20th April Tutorial Day 4 led by Maureen 


Principles of Cleansing and Detox. Herbs for the Urinary, Lymphatic and Reproductive systems. Herb Tasting and Pharmacy – Making practical herbal preparations.

Sun 21st April Tutorial Day 5 led by Maureen


Botanical Identification, leaf sequences. Introduction to herbs for the Skin and massage using essential oils and infused oils. Herb tasting and Pharmacy for the Respiratory and Immune Systems.

Mon 22nd April

Free day to work with your plant and integration.

Tues 23rd April

Field Trip 1 to Monchique mountains

We will be collecting fresh spring water from source and visiting natural swimming pools.


Weds 24th April Tutorial Day 7 led by Maureen


Aromatic Medicine and the Astral Realm. Passion and Creativity through Plant Artistry. Understanding the body's control systems and Herb tasting and Pharmacy for the Cardiovascular & Nervous Systems. 

Thurs 25th & Fri 26th April

Free days to work with your plant and integration.  

Sat 27th April Tutorial Day 6 with Jose

Ceremonial traditions and teaching plants. Plant Healing Communication through Shamanic Practices.

Sun 28th & Mon 29th April

Free days to work with your plant and integration.

Tues 30th April Garden Time 2 with Maureen

Afternoon in the Garden meeting our cultivated plants. Introduction to practical Veganic Gardening.Harvesting, pruning, cleaning and making beautiful preparations from our gatherings.

Beltaine Concert with Maureen and Jose

Weds 1st May Tutorial Day 8 with Maureen


Shamanic Processes and Plant Ally Meditation. Plant Intelligence and the Psycho-Spiritual System. Herb Tasting and Pharmacy.

Thurs 2nd May 

Morning to be with your plant to complete your studies, ready to present the findings of your journey with your plant in the afternoon.


Fri 3rd May

Free day and preparing for the arrival of teachers and participants for the Herbal Path Course.

Herbal Path Opening Concert with Anthar Kharana.

Sat 4th & Sun 5th May

Ceremonial use of Sacred Tabaco with Anthar Kharana


Mon 6th May

Local Plants and Medicine preparation making with Fernanda Botelho.

Tues 7th May

Plant Chakra Meditation, Making a Healing Landscape, Altar and Energetic Template to ground your intentions with Maureen & Jose.

Weds 8th May

Free day to go to the beach or nearby Lagos town.


Thurs 9th May

Plant Communication Study in exquisite detail with Guest Herb! including Medicine Making and the Music of the Plants with Maureen and Jose Melo., looking  with Maureen Robertson

Fri 10th May

Field Trip 2

We explore the most south west point of mainland Europe, walk some of the cliff paths and meet some of the unique plants of the Atlantic western seaboard.

Sat 11th May 

Living Foods for Health, recipes to taste for your constitution with Jill Swyers, Hippocrates Health Consultant.

Sun 12th May 

Healing Music, Sacred Singing & Finding your Soul Note with Special Guests: the Aromatic Plants and Essential oils with Jose & Maureen.

End of the Apprenticeship,  Final integrations & Final Ceremony.

Goodbyes and Departures.

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