Programme for The Herbal Path Week

Sun 10th to Fri 15th April 2022 10-1pm & 2-5pm
Melilotus Herb Farm, near Lagos

*Can be taken as individual days @55 euros or mornings/afternoons @30 euros/Bring your own lunch**

Sun 10th April

Introduction to the Herb Farm with Maureen

Morning: Herb Walk and Observing the Influence of the 5 Elements on Plants  Tea Tasting to illustrate Elemental influences & Introductory to Planetary Energies, Archetypes & Plant Rulerships. Guest teacher Karolien Jonckers will be sharing Fermentation recipes which we can taste over lunch and some samples will be available to buy.

Afternoon: Plant study & medicine making.

Mon 11th April

Music as Medicine & the Vibratory Notes of Essential Oils with special guest, José Melo, Musician

Focusing specifically on the high vibration frequencies of the aromatic essential oil containing herbs, we will translate these healing frequencies into musical resonance using our voices, different instruments with Nature sounds as our backdrop and base. Includes making your own essential oil blend to take home.

Tues 12th April Morning with Maureen

Celebration of the most Auspicious Astrological Event of 2022!

Jupiter & Neptune, the Co-Rulers of Pisces are conjunct in their own sign of Pisces! The best time to focus on your Dreams and what intentions you want to manifest!

Introduction to the Archetypes of these planets, the plants they rule and what this means for you!

Afternoon: Introduction to Medical Astrology & Natal Astrological Chart Interpretation. Bring your own chart and we look at some natal charts of participants to illustrate.


Weds 13th April

Morning: Introduction to Multi-Reflexology - The Holographic Nature of the Body with special guest Catarina Serrão

Afternoon: Available for Individual Sessions (50 euro) can be booked in advance or at the end of the morning session OR free afternoon to go to the beach or the historic towns of Lagos or Sagres.


Thurs 14th April All day Cliff Walk between Furnas and Ingrina Beaches. Meet at Furnas beach 10am..

Fri 15th April with Maureen ::7 Plants::7 Planets::

Morning: Meeting and Harvesting 7 different herbs all ruled by 7 different planets.

Afternoon Herb Tasting and Pharmacy – Making practical herbal preparations.

*Lunch available at 10 euros/day or bring your own*

**Accommodation in shared cabin available @ 40 euros/night**

Book Your Place via Paypal family and friends to email address: specifying what day you wish to attend and if morning, afternoon or all day.

OR bank transfer to

Maureen Baxter Credito Agricola

NIB: 0045 7191 4034 1034 2376 6

IBAN: PT50 0045 7191 4034 1034 2376 6


MBWAY: Tel no 934356547



Qualified professional Medical Herbalist with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 1995. Before that my academic studies included BSc (Hons) Pharmacology & MSc Plant Chemistry & Pharmacology.

I co-founded the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 1992 and was Director of Research until the BSc & MSc courses closed in 2010. My practice is continually evolving and has been informed by the energetic approach to Herbs (Ayurveda & Humoral Medicine); Goethean Science and Medical Astrology. Recently, I joined the Clinical Training team of Heartwood professional herbal training course offering clinical and dispensary hours at the herb farm.


My consultations are more like a individual workshop, taking 3-4 hours including Art therapy, full case history, natal chart interpretation, introducing the patient to living plants in the garden appropriate to them, showing them how to harvest their herbs and be involved in their medicine preparation (eg mixing herb tea and infusing their intention). My clinic is on a rural herb farm with different cultivated areas and areas offering herbs from wild harvesting which help stock my dispensary.


JOSE has been involved in music since his first successful punk rock band as a teenager in Sintra which had a strong following for many years and made a number of recordings. He quickly moved into working with the uplifting, feel-good beat of ambient electronic music which he composed and produced as a professional musician for several record labels and  performed as an internationally acclaimed musical artist DJ for over a decade.
Performing to a live crowd gave him the knowledge of how music influences emotions, the sense of well being and connection to the whole.

His musical expression is continually evolving as he is continuously looking for new ways of communicating through music to now embrace the deep healing resonance phenomena of medicine songs and the healing frequencies of plant spirit vibrational medicine, especially to the essential oils and the aromatic herbs whose high frequency vibration has a commonality to harmonious musical resonance.

His warm, easy going and caring approach allows people working with him to relax into their own healing through close encounters with teacher plants and allies.


I have 17 years of experience in launching and developing Brands and my work required a process of self-knowledge, because only then could I help myself and others. For this, besides initiating myself in an experience of improving Communication,
Training in complementary therapies (Reflexology Podal, Facial, Palmar, Auricular, Sacro Cranial among many others) I am connected to the area of health and natural therapies since 2018.
I have also been trained in the area of Nutrition - Food Profiling -, based on discovering the dietary needs of each person, which will enable them to achieve excellent levels of physical and mental health.
Passionate about the well-being of all levels of health - physical, mental and spiritual - this project aims, through the use of Reflexology, to explore the evolutionary potential of the Human Being to create conditions in our body to regenerate or heal itself more quickly and easily.
Thus, I can present myself as a Multi-Reflexologist, given the various training courses, techniques and protocols in which I specialize.
Holder of the CCP Pedagogical Training Course (CCP nº F686843 / 2018)

Certification in Complementary Medicine - Essay - DGRT - Certificate nº 21/2017; nº5 / 2017.

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